CONDUCTORS:Pure Silver (4N) solid-core &
Silver-plated OFC (6N) multistrand
2 x 20 AWG AG (data)
2 x 20 AWG SPC (power)
INSULATION:Air-spaced PTFE Teflon (data)
FEP Teflon (power)
CONSTRUCTION:Twisted shielded pair
1 x Resonance filter,
Independently shielded data & power pairs
Carbon-loaded and copper braided shields
Anodised aluminium USB connector shell
TERMINATIONS:Dynamique anodised aluminium USB housing,
gold-plated shell & pins

Zenith 2 USB Cable

Zenith 2 USB is our flagship USB cable. It features substantial solid silver data conductors and advanced copper and carbon-loaded composite shielding, along with our resonance filter technology. These, combined with the physical isolation of the signal and power lines provide excellent immunity to electrical and mechanically induced noise. The anodised aluminium connector housing provides further shielding at the point of termination. Zenith 2 USB is ideal for high-end PC based audio systems.

  AVMAG Brazil
  Review Issue 269
  By Fernando Andrette

  AVMAG Brazil Issue 270
  Editors' Product of the Year
  Awards 2020

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