CONDUCTORS:Silver-plated copper (4N) solid-core &
Pure copper (7N) solid-core
GAUGE:4 x 26 AWG - pure copper
2 x 23 AWG - silver-plated copper
INSULATION:PTFE Teflon, air-spaced
CONSTRUCTION:Helical array, distributed gauge, balanced design
DAMPING:1 x resonance damper (metal & carbon-fiber)
Vibration-damping outer sleeve
SOURCE:3.5mm & 6.3mm jack
4-pin male XLR
HEADPHONE:Sennheiser HD500/600 (2 x 2-pin)
Sennheiser HD800 (2 x push-pull)
1 x 3.5mm stereo minijack
2 x 3.5mm stereo minijacks
2 x 4-pin mini-XLRs

Tempest 2 Headphone Cable

Tempest 2 headphone is an affordable way to substantially upgrade the performance of your headphones. Consisting of six solid-core conductors of varying wire gauges, the cable uses pure copper and silver-plated copper conductors for an even-handed tonal balance, and air-spaced PTFE insulation for minimal dielectric losses. The helical array geometry provides effective noise rejection and a broad soundstage, whilst the resonance damper and vibration-damping woven outer sleeves minimise handling noise. Flexible and discreet, Tempest 2 headphone offers a vibrant, detailed and powerful sound.  

  Review Oct 2020
  By Antonio Scozzaro

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3.5mm source
4-pin male XLR source
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