CONDUCTORS:2 x 18 AWG Silver-plated OFC (7N) solid-core
2 x 19 AWG Silver-plated OFC (7N) solid-core
2 x 20 AWG Pure silver (4N) solid-core
GAUGE:11 AWG per channel equivalent
INSULATION:PTFE Teflon, air-spaced
CONSTRUCTION:Counter-balanced helical twist,
Distributed gauge
DAMPING:2 x resonance dampers per channel
(metal & carbon-fiber)
TERMINATIONS:Dynamique low-mass banana plug
(gold over phosphor bronze, PTFE Teflon)
Dynamique low-mass spade plug
(gold over pure copper, PTFE Teflon)

Shadow 2 Speaker Cable

As a hybrid pure silver design, Shadow 2 offers many aspects of the performance of our reference-class designs a significantly lower cost. The 11 AWG conductor gauge per channel comprises 4N pure silver and 7N silver-plated copper conductors, air-spaced PTFE Teflon insulation, and the 'distributed gauge' technology of our more advanced cables to optimise bandwidth and frequency response. Two carbon fiber-based resonance dampers per channel reduce mechanically induced distortions. Shadow 2 cables major on speed, dynamic contrast and precision.

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