CONDUCTORS:1 x 18 AWG Pure Silver (4N) solid-core
1 x 19 AWG Pure Silver (4N) solid-core
1 x 21/3 AWG Silver-plated copper (7N) multicore
GAUGE:13 AWG per jumper equivalent
INSULATION:PTFE Teflon, super air-spaced
CONSTRUCTION:Helical twist, Distributed gauge
TERMINATIONS:Dynamique low-mass banana plug
(gold over phosphor bronze, PTFE Teflon)
Dynamique low-mass spade plug
(gold over pure copper, PTFE Teflon)

WBT Nextgen 0610/0681 AG (upgrade)
LENGTH:8”/20cm (set of 4)

Halo 2 Bi-wire Jumpers

Halo 2 Bi-wire jumpers combine five solid-core and 'multicore' conductors per jumper (equal to 13 AWG) arranged with our helical twist geometry, and incorporating our distributed gauge technology the most neutral tonal balance. Insulation is super air-spaced PTFE Teflon. Like Halo 2 speaker cable, they provide a sweet, musical sound with refined high frequencies and powerful bass.

  Audio Art Magazine
  Review Oct 2020

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WBT Nextgen 0681 AG/0610 AG upgrade
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